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CliCKE is a collaborative effort of many LMI research staff over the past several years. Our goal is to provide meaningful and comprehensive access to the otherwise nearly impenetrable literature on climate change. In this initial version we concentrate on the findings about climate change that are presented in the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC). These findings span 44 chapters and thousands of pages so locating important findings that relate to your particular concerns is a daunting task. We hope that this web-based knowledge engine helps you to more easily find the materials of direct relevance to you.

Some judgment is involved in the effort to identify and extract findings since a finding may include several sentences or there may be more than one finding in a single sentence. Some findings only occur within tables. Note also that some findings occur at several levels of the hierarchy of documents that together comprise AR4. The exact wording of findings may change at higher levels of the document hierarchy as findings undergo additional editing and are combined from multiple chapters and working groups.

We have organized these findings with search terms covering topic, source, geographic region, time period, and level of uncertainty. CliCKE allows you to focus on what is known and not known about climate change for the problem of interest to you.

We expect to supplement this data set with similarly well-vetted findings from other authoritative sources. We continue to expand and enhance this knowledge engine and other search options will become available as we add findings from other sources.

The home page describes the various means of accessing the IPCC AR4 findings within CliCKE. You will also find a search box at the top right that allows you to search for particular terms that might occur in a finding. Be sure to try the advanced search engine. It will allow you to narrow down a search for findings that satisfy multiple criteria.

LMI created LMI-CliCKE through support from the LMI Research Institute as a contribution to the smarter use of climate knowledge by all interested parties. Please contact us at clicke@lmi.org if you have any questions, find any problems with the site, or if you would like to arrange support for using this or other LMI climate change tools.