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Welcome to the LMI Climate Change Knowledge Engine (LMI-CliCKE)!

LMI-CliCKE represents an innovative approach to interacting with climate change data. You can use LMI-CliCKE (pronounced 'click') to explore, analyze, evaluate, and compare nearly 3,000 scientific findings related to climate change. LMI-CliCKE leverages semantic wiki technology which makes it possible to find information more efficiently than keyword searching.

Topic: Search for findings by selecting a specific climate change topic (e.g., Temperature, GHG emissions).
Scientific Uncertainty: Locate findings with a well-defined level of scientific confidence (e.g., Very Likely, Unlikely).
Source: Search for findings by selecting a source document (e.g., IPCC AR4 WG1).
Region: Search for findings by selecting a specific geographic region.
Advanced Search: Successively refine a search with multiple criteria (e.g., geographic region, projection period, chronology, level of scientific uncertainty).

These scientific findings in this site are drawn from the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). You can search and filter these climate change findings based on various criteria including: level of scientific uncertainty, region, time period of projections, and topic.

By focusing on a given climate change topic (e.g., agriculture, energy, infrastructure), you can identify the findings related to that topic and query the knowledge engine to gather related findings and meta-data. You can use the powerful 'Advanced Search' feature to sort through many findings using topic filters.

For more information regarding LMI-CliCKE or other LMI Climate Change initiatives, contact us at clicke@lmi.org. You may also be interested in A Federal Leader's Guide to Climate Change.

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